Documentary Filmmaking (with Sam Painter)

Today we invite Sam Painter, the documentary cinematographer behind some of the most influential modern documentaries including Going Clear and Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine.

You Will Learn:

  • The lifestyle of a documentarian
  • Exposing Scientology and the backlash from “Going Clear”
  • Steve Jobs the Man in the Machine
  • The best gear package for documentary
  • How to light naturally
  • Making the interviewees comfortable
  • Sam’s work on Lifestyles of Rich and Famous and Entertainment Tonight
  • The lessons learned from shooting news
  • Meeting the Beatles
  • Working for the White House Press Corp
  • Hiding the early signs of Ronald Regan’s Alzheimers
  • Chasing Sofia Lauren through the streets of Rome
  • and much more!



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  1. Hasan Nidal says:

    Thanks a lot for the beautifully done interview and for spreading useful interviews like these!

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