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Everything Everywhere All At Once Cinematography (with Larkin Seiple)

EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE is a gloriously, messy, genre-bending film directed by The Daniels and shot in only 36 days by director of photography Larkin Seiple.

Larkin and Go Creative Show host, Ben Consoli, break down his visual approach to the different universes. Plus, we discuss how the multi-verse transitions were achieved, the inspiration for hot dog fingers, the many types of lenses used, working with tight budgets, driving 4 hours for a 1 minute rock scene, and much more.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Making sense of EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE as filmmakers (01:29)
  • How to avoid overwhelming your audience (08:44)
  • Visual approach to each universe (10:42)
  • Why the Wong Kar Wai flashbacks were so challenging (13:46)
  • Driving 4 hours to film the rock scene (19:32)
  • Why so many lenses were used (22:12)
  • Filming EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE in only 36 days (32:45)
  • Choreographing all the fight scenes (38:09)
  • How filming music videos translated to EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE (45:53)
  • Shooting the multi-verse transitions (50:21)
  • And more!

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