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Fargo Season 2 (with Dana Gonzales)

Today we discuss Fargo season 2 with Director of Photography Dana Gonzales and we learn how he achieves the drastically different, yet familiar look of this new season.

You Will Learn:

  • Shooting a 1979 Fargo
  • The differences between shooting for a film vs. a TV series
  • How the photography of William Eggleston inspired season 2
  • Dana’s process in creating a visual language for his projects
  • Why the Cooke Speed Panchro lenses were the secret to this seasons dynamic look
  • The artistry of Noah Hawley
  • Shooting with only a flashlight
  • Why Dana chose the Ronin over the Steadicam
  • and more…



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One comment on “Fargo Season 2 (with Dana Gonzales)

  1. Glenn Hughes says:

    It was absolutely a pleasure to listen to this interview. Dana was a joy to work with he denifitily know what he wants when he shooting. One of the best shoots I’ve every worked on. Fargo S3

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