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The Killing (with Gregory Middleton)

Today we invite Gregory Middleton, cinematographer and director of photography for the AMC and Netflix series The Killing. We discuss how Netflix saved the show, the new visual direction of season 4, the film industry in Vancouver and more. Plus Gregory shares insight into his next project Game Of Thrones!

You Will Learn:

  • The Canadian film industry
  • The many paths to success in the film industry
  • What are the differences in production styles when shooting around the world.
  • The ups and downs of The Killing
  • How to properly shoot faces
  • Shooting in the rain
  • How to create the most compelling car scenes
  • Working with first time actors
  • How Netflix brought The Killing back to life
  • How has “binge viewing” changed the TV industry
  • Greg’s next show… Game of Thrones!
  • and more…



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