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Showrunners (with Des Doyle and Humanity.tv)

Today we have two fantastic interviews starting with Des Doyle, director of the documentary “Showrunners” The Art of Running a TV Show featuring interviews with JJ Abrams, Kurt Sutter and other showrunners from today’s biggest tv series. Then the creators of Humanity.tv, a fully immersive travel and adventure iPad app discuss the fascinating stories they capture from around the world.

You Will Learn:

  • What is a showrunner?
  • The behind-the-scenes politics in the American TV industry.
  • Thoughts from some of the top showrunners of our generation.
  • Des’s production process
  • Moving from Dublin to LA
  • How to prepare to shoot around the world
  • The shared economy
  • How Kerrin and Gaston developed their app
  • Producing through social media
  • Shooting challenges while working in foreign countries
  • and more…



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