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Hi Larry (with Larry Jordan and Alex Gollner)

Today we speak with the internationally-renowned trainer and consultant Larry Jordan… the guru of all post production applications. We discuss LarryJordan.biz, his podcast, the state of network news, 4K and so much more. Plus Alex Gollner, aka Alex4D comes on the show to talk about the new Mac Pro and its impact on the production industry.

You Will Learn:

  • The business of teaching and benefits of a subscription model
  • Is Apple dedicated to the pro community?
  • The new Mac Pro and how it will change our industry
  • Larry’s creative work as producer and director
  • The state of the news industry
  • How you can become a consultant and trainer
  • The future of Final Cut Pro X
  • Teaching Adobe, Avid and Autodesk
  • And much more.



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Rule Boston Camera – Buy. Rent. Create.

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NewsShooter – Making the real world look as good as cinema

The PremiumBeat.com Song of the Week

  • Listen to this week’s full track here: New World Wonder by Heather Fenougthy

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