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Hurl World (With Shane Hurlbut)

Today we speak with Shane Hurlbut, A.S.C, the world-renowned cinematographer for 18 feature films including Terminator: Salvation, Drumline, Act of Valor and the upcoming Need For Speed. Shane shares his experiences shooting everything from multi-million dollar blockbusters to music videos and commercials, plus, we learn how his hugely successful, HurlBlog got its start. You may be surprised.

You Will Learn:

  • Need For Speed BTS
  • Mixing Go Pro with Alexa and Canon C500
  • Hero 3+ was created for Need For Speed
  • Shane’s early music video work
  • Making a living with Vine
  • How Shane’s farm life made him who he is today
  • Shane’s brilliant commercial career and his spot for Prudential
  • Canon’s philosophy and why he loves it
  • The role of a DP
  • Why failure is good
  • And much more.



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  1. David says:

    This is a great episode! Thanks to Shane for sharing and giving so much back to the film community!

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