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Motion Matters (with Vincent Laforet)

Today we welcome commercial director and filmmaker Vincent Laforet. Vincent talks about everything from his award winning photography for the New York Times to his DOP and Directing work for brands like Reebok, Pepsi. Plus we learn more about his upcoming workshop “Directing Motion” which is touring the country now!

You Will Learn:

  • When and Why to move the camera
  • How to be a better director
  • Details about Vincent’s Directing Motion Tour
  • Digital Bolex Monochrome Camera
  • Vincent’s early days as a photographer at the New York Times
  • The transition from photo to video
  • Becoming a public figure in the production world
  • How the Canon 5DMII changed his career
  • Vincent’s Must-See movies
  • The importance of blocking and storyboarding
  • And much more.



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