Music for TV (with Tom Polce, Matt Allard and Matt Russell)

Our guest today is producer, mixer and composer Tom Polce. Tom currently works at CBS composing music for a variety of tv shows and movies, and he also share stories from his incredible career as a musician and producer for some of the biggest artists in the world. Then Matt Allard from joins us to discuss all the latest industry news.

You Will Learn:

  • Tom’s path from musician to A&R to CBS music
  • Producing and mixing music for some of the largest artists in the world
  • What does an A&R person really do and how do you get their attention?
  • How Tom gets inspired to create music for CBS television shows
  • Inspiring words from Tom for up and coming musicians
  • and more…



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The Song of the Week

  • Listen to this weeks full track: Yellow Door by Nicolas Major

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