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Ozark Season 4 Cinematography (with Shawn Kim)

OZARK returns for its final season with a new cinematographer – Shawn Kim. Learn how Shawn evolved the show’s iconic cool-blue look while getting darker with each episode. 

Shawn and Go Creative Show host, Ben Consoli, discuss the psychological effects of lens focal lengths, the complexity of lighting day exteriors, how to keep cinematography fresh and interesting, plus so much more!

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Finding work during COVID (01:08)
  • Evolving visual approach to OZARK (05:44)
  • How focal length affects audience perception (13:12)
  • How OZARK is a filmmaker’s dream (18:31)
  • Lighting daytime exteriors completely artificially (22:19)
  • Fresh filming approach to the Byrde’s home (29:44)
  • Why the Sony Venice was the best choice (35:07)
  • Psychological approach to cinematography (40:20)
  • Creating OZARK’s signature blue look (45:01)
  • Memorable scenes in season 4 (50:40)
  • Challenges of shooting in rainstorms (56:26)
  • And more!

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