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Photographing the Animal Kingdom (with Randal Ford)

Randal Ford is an internationally recognized advertising photographer and director who recently released a new book called “Animal Kingdom: A Collection of Portraits”. Go Creative Show host Ben Consoli and Randal Ford discuss the challenges of photographing animals in studio, directing animal and human talent, the importance of subtlety, how to make your talent comfortable in front of the camera, and so much more!

Spotlight: Randal Ford

  • Creating the Animal Kingdom book
  • Directing animal talent
  • Randal’s favorite camera equipment
  • Being inspired by the work of Richard Avedon
  • Capturing the perfect expression
  • The importance of sublety
  • Directing a single shot commercial
  • Set design and making talent comfortable
  • The beauty of wide depth of field
  • Shooting Medium Format
  • and much more!



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