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Sony FX6 First Look and Review

Is the Sony FX6 the perfect camera for you? Listen as cinematographer & director Jordan Haro and Sony’s Samuel Fares discuss the new FX6, it’s most exciting features, low-light performance, stabilization, shooting formats, and more. Is the FX6 the perfect documentary camera? How does it match the Sony Venice? All your questions are answered.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Comparing the Sony FX6 to the rest of the Sony line (00:46)
  • Who is the FX6 for? (08:41)
  • How the FX6 compares to the Venice (10:08)
  • External recording (12:59)
  • Benefits of the CF Express cards (18:15)
  • In-camera stabilization (21:32)
  • Low light capabilities (25:51)
  • S-Cinetone (32:23)
  • Favorite features of the FX6 (36:39)
  • Autofocus capabilities (37:50)
  • Audio on the FX6 (37:50)
  • Resources for your FX6 (44:17)
  • And more!

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One comment on “Sony FX6 First Look and Review

  1. Great Show! FS 6 sounds perfect for me!

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