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GCS060 Frank Serafine


Today Iโ€™m joined by Matt Russell as we conclude our coverage of NAB 2015 with an interview with legendary Hollywood sound designer, Frank Serafine. We discuss his incredible career designing sound for films like StarTrek, Tron and The Hunt for Red October plus his upcoming nationwide Sound Advice tour.

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Spotlight: Frank Serafine

Frank Serafine is the Academy Award Winning Hollywood sound designer behind films like Star Trek, Tron, The Hunt for Red October and countless more. We discuss Franks early days using a mellotron to create sound experiences for planetariums and how that led him to Disney and eventually Star Trek. Frank also designed sound for interactive experiences at Busch Gardens and video games including Grand Theft Auto. Now, Frank is celebrating his enormous success by sharing his knowledge as he embarks on the nation-wide Sound Advice Tour and heโ€™s on todayโ€™s show to talk all about it.

  • How “space sounds” on a mellotron started a career.
  • Working for Disney and the Space Mountain pavilion
  • The old school days of film sound design.
  • Creating sound for science fiction vs real life.
  • The Hunt for Red October, the first film mixed on ProTools, and his Oscar Award
  • XXX
  • Why the sound of a film has roughly 70% more impact than the visuals
  • Designing sound for interactive projects like Grand Theft Auto and theme park entertainment
  • The Sound Advice Tour
  • and more…



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