Starting and Growing Your Production Company (with Benjamin Eckstein) GCS084

Benjamin Eckstein on starting a production company on go creative show


Benjamin Eckstein of Beryllium Pictures joins me to discuss how to start and grow a production company. This is one of the most candid and honest discussions we’ve had on the show sharing secrets on securing clients, developing budgets, and more.

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Spotlight: Benjamin Eckstein

Benjamin Eckstein is a multi-talented director of photography, editor, producer and owner of Beryllium Pictures. Under Benjamin’s leadership, Beryllium Pictures has become one of the premiere production companies in the New England area and he’s on the show today to share his secrets. Join us for one of the most candid discussions ever on Go Creative Show as we discuss finding and securing clients, organizational tools, when to make the jump from freelance to production company, hiring employees, and the most challenging topic of all — what to charge your clients.

  • Making the transition from freelance to production company
  • When to start hiring people
  • Finding and keeping clients
  • What to charge and how to show your clients the true costs
  • When and how to mark up effectively
  • Tools to stay organized
  • Why you need a lawyer and insurance agent
  • and much more!



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