Stunt Woman (with Melissa Stubbs) GCS082

Melissa Stubbs Stunt Coordinator, Fight Choreographer, 2nd Unit Director


Today we discuss the design and execution of stunts for film and television with our guest fight choreographer, stunt coordinator, and second unit director Melissa Stubbs.

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Spotlight: Melissa Stubbs

Melissa Stubbs is a Stunt Coordinator, Fight Choreographer, and Second Unit Director for countless feature films and television series. Melissa shares her experiences designing and executing some of the most challenging stunts in modern film history and the lessons she learned from working with top directors like Steven Spielberg and James Cameron. We also get an inside look into the iconic fight scenes of your favorite films, the new season of X-Files, and her work on the upcoming Bourne film. Melissa has worked with some of the biggest actors on some of the biggest films and she is here today to share her story.

  • Shooting the new Bourne Film and taking over Las Vegas
  • Why so few women stunt coordinators and second unit directors
  • Melissa’s unique entrepreneurial entry into stunt coordination
  • Stories from the new season of X-Files
  • Working with directors like Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, James Cameron and more
  • Why Tom Cruse and Huge Jackman are among her favorite actor to work with
  • Melissa’s workflow when designing a stunt and/or fight sequence
  • The pressures of stunt coordinating
  • Safety is the most important
  • The trends in students and fights
  • and much more!



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