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The Cinematography of A Cure For Wellness (with Bojan Bazelli) GCS115

Bojan Bazelli is the brilliant and visionary cinematographer behind the new Gore Verbinski film A Cure For Wellness and we discuss all the secrets behind its iconic and challenging scenes.

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Spotlight: Bojan Bazelli

Bojan Bazelli ASC is a master image maker working at the forfront of today’s most high profile, visually progressive films. His collaboration with director Gore Verbinski challenged both cinema fans and filmmaking with the psychological horror film The Ring and with A Cure For Wellness, Bojan once again delivers a cinematic feat where each shot is intentional and artistic. We discuss the secrets behind some of the films most challenging and iconic shots, plus his love of commercial cinematography and how its creative freedom made him the filmmaker he is today.

  • Working with Gore Verbinski
  • The history behind the iconic castle location of A Cure For Wellness
  • Why Bojan chose the unique 1:66:1 aspect ratio
  • The camera and lenses used in A Cure for Wellness
  • Shooting wide angles and letting go of a cinematographers “visual instincts”
  • The challenges of shooting underwater
  • The genius of practical in-camera effects
  • The visual connection to The Ring
  • Shooting with dozens of real eels
  • The golden age of commercials
  • The challenges of working with an unfamiliar crew
  • and much much more!



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