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The Cinematography of Get Out (with Toby Oliver) GCS120

a href=””>Toby Oliver ACS is the award-winning cinematographer behind of the lens of the Jordan Peele film “Get Out” and he’s here today to discuss all his lighting and lensing secrets.

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Spotlight: Toby Oliver

Toby Oliver is the award winning cinematographer behind the lens of Jordan Peels debut film “Get Out”. “Get Out” has received high praise from critics and movie goes around the world for it’s story, acting, and cinematography, and Toby shares all his lighting and lensing techniques that gave “Get Out” it’s uniquely horrifying look. We discuss the blending of horror and comedy, why he choose to shoot with zoom lenses, the challenges of a limited budget, and so much more.

  • Rethinking the low budget horror film
  • Working with Jordan Peele
  • Choosing Zoom lenses vs. Primes
  • The most challenging shots of “Get Out”
  • Shooting car interiors with 2 cameras
  • Using a small LED lighting kit for feature films
  • The Sunken Place
  • Lighting ratios and false color
  • and much much more!



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