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Micro-budget (with Michael Kligerman) GCS056

Today we discuss the challenges and rewards of producing within micro-budgets. Our special guest Michael Kligerman has tons of experience with this and shares his strategies for choosing gear, traveling, booking crews and managing client expectations when working within these super tight budgets.

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Weekly Update

The Go Creative Show is going to NAB! Ben Consoli and Matt Russell will be recording a live Go Creative Show at the Shutterstock booth on WEDNESDAY APRIL 15 at 12pm then gathering interviews from the floor of NAB. Ben is also speaking at 2 workshops for Click here for more details and a full schedule of events.

  • Live Go Creative Show at Shutterstock booth Wednesday April 15 at 12pm
  • Shooting Stories: The Business of Filmmaking and Commercial Production. Ben joins Jacques Thelemaque and Derick Rhodes on Wednesday April 15 at 2pm
  • Beyond 4K: Understanding Bitrate, Color Workflows and More. Ben joins Tim Smith (Canon) and Derick Rhodes (Shutterstock) on Thursday April 16 at 12pm
  • Matt Russell’s band Smart Kids are releasing a new single every month. Check out their website for more info

The Song of the Week

Spotlight: Michael Kligerman

Michael Kligerman is a director, producer, editor, graphic designer, animator, grip, gaffer, PA, and the list goes on and on… Why? Because he, like many of us have to wear many hats to get the job done. Mike and I discuss the rewards and challenges of working with the dreaded micro-budget. How to choose the right gear for the job, what to pack when producing solo on the road, managing client expectation, booking the right crews and more tips to make your next small-budget project turn out to be a big success.

  • Why making a video is like buying a car
  • Do editors make the best shooters?
  • Why is the Alzo 3000 LED light is Michael’s first choice?
  • Equipment choices to make traveling easier
  • Managing client expectations when producing with a micro-budget
  • How to use text and graphics to fill the b-roll void
  • and more…



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