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The Cinematography of The Jim Gaffigan Show (with Niels Alpert) GCS096

Cinematographer Niels Alpert from The Jim Gaffigan Show


Niels Alpert is the cinematographer for the TV Land hit, The Jim Gaffigan Show and we discuss his unique lighting techniques and how Renaissance artists inspire his work.

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Spotlight: Niels Alpert

Niels Alpert is a New York based Director of Photography who’s worked on shows including Graceland, White Collar, The Wire and more. He’s here today to talk about his work on the latest season of The Jim Gaffigan Show, where he uses the innovative CRLS lighting system to create a unique look that embraces the shadows. We also discuss how Niels is inspired by Renaissance artists, and how he turns that inspiration into beautiful cinematography.

  • How Hieronymus Bosch and Caravaggio inspired Niels’ work
  • Why Travel is essential for creative people
  • Why good artists borrow, great artists steal
  • Embracing the dark in comedy
  • How Gordon Willis inspired Niels’ work
  • Niels’ work shooting White Collar
  • Lighting for Jim Gaffigan’s sensitive eyes
  • Lighting comedy clubs around New York
  • Roger Deakins
  • Shooting with 2 Arri Alexa’s and Master Primes
  • Christian Berger’s CRLS Lighting system
  • Why still photography can inspire your next film
  • and much much more!



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