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The Business of Stock Footage (with Derick Rhodes from Shutterstock) GCS063

The Business of Stock Footage with Derick Rhodes from Shutterstock


Today we discuss the business of stock footage with Derick Rhodes from Shutterstock Derick teaches us how to get started in the stock footage business, what kinds of footage are successful, how to legally protect yourself and how 4K has changed the industry for the better. You could be the next stock superstar with the footage on your cutting room floor.

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Spotlight: Derick Rhodes

Derick Rhodes manages Footage Marketing at Shutterstock and is here today to discuss how to break into the stock footage industry. We discuss how to submit your footage and protect yourself with location and talent releases, the demand for 4K and how higher quality footage is taking over the industry. We also discuss payment and how much you can expect to actually make. You’ll be surprised how footage you may already have could be generating income.

Shutterstock has nearly 60 million clips but Derick gives us the tips and tricks to help stand out and get your footage seen and bought.

  • Thoughts on this years NAB and Blackmagic Design
  • Dericks Short Film “Secret Everything” and Vimeo distribution
  • How to start a career in stock footage
  • How to properly keyword your footage to stand out
  • 4K Blu-Ray may change the industry forever
  • His experience on the set of “House of Cards”
  • The proper release forms for your video projects
  • How much can you really make with stock footage
  • Hollywood uses stock footage too
  • and more…



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