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Modern Political Advertising (with Matt McLaughlin and Bill Hyers) GCS136

Our guests Matt McLoughlin and Bill Hyers discuss their creative political strategy company WIN and how they are changing the face of political advertising.

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Spotlight: Matt McLaughlin and Bill Hyers

Creative stratigist Matt McLaughlin and campaign manager Bill Hyers have joined forces to create WIN, a creative political strategy company. With WIN, Matt and Bill have produced videos for politicians like Bernie Sanders and Bill de Blasio, but it was their work for John Fetterman and and Randy Bryce that have changed the face of political advertising. We discuss how their approach is more impactful, their collaboration, blending politics and documentary, and much much more.


  • Finding the authenticity in political candidates
  • Developing trust with your clients
  • WIN’s work for Randy Bryce, John Fetterman, and Bernie Sanders
  • How commercial work can translate into political work
  • The creative process
  • The impact of social media on political advertising
  • and much much more!

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