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The Cinematography of Castle Rock and The Americans (with Richard Rutkowski)

Today we talk with Richard Rutkowski, the cinematographer for Hulu’s Castle Rock! Richard and Go Creative Show host, Ben Consoli, discuss what inspired the series look, the cameras and lens used on Castle Rock, the most challenging scenes and what you can expect from season 2, plus his work on other shows like Jack Ryan and The Americans.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Richard’s experience filming in Massachusetts
  • Stephen King’s involvement in Castle Rock
  • Richard’s prep for Castle Rock
  • Creating the look of Castle Rock
  • The camera package Castle Rock is shot on
  • The lens and filter packages of Castle Rock
  • Richard explains his creative use of different focal lengths
  • The lighting of Castle Rock
  • The most challenging aspects of Castle Rock Season 1
  • What you can expect from Castle Rock Season 2
  • Filming action scenes in Jack Ryan
  • Filming the tooth extracting scene in The Americans
  • Richards love and passion for art and photography
  • And more!

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