The Cinematography of Ex Machina (with Rob Hardy, BSC) GCS061

GCS061 Rob Hardy


Today we speak with Rob Hardy, BSC, the brilliant cinematographer of the film Ex Machina. We discuss his lighting techniques, his decision to use the Sony F65 and all the subtle cinematic nuances that make Ex Machina one of the most human-centric science fiction films of our time.

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Spotlight: Rob Hardy, BCS

Rob Hardy, BCS is an award winning cinematographer of countless commercials, music videos and feature films and he’s here today to discuss his latest Sci-Fi masterpiece Ex Machina. We discuss his tungsten-based lighting design and the decision to shoot with the Sony F65, the delicate balance between visual effects and cinematography, using reflections to help tell a story, and all the subtle nuances that make Ex Machina a masterpiece.

  • Why films shouldn’t work
  • Why not cutting is Punk Rock
  • Tungston may be hotter, but it’s also better
  • How music producer Steve Albini inspired Rob’s visual style
  • Shooting on the Sony F65 and F55
  • The psychology of Ex Machina
  • How to light and shoot a 360 degree set
  • and more…



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