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The Cinematography of The Night Of (with Igor Martinovic)

Igor Martinovic is the brilliant cinematographer of the new HBO hit series The Night Of and we invite him back on the show to talk all about it.

You Will Learn:

  • The lighting strategies of The Night Of
  • The story behind the original pilot with James Gandolfini
  • The strategy of obscuring
  • How to portray time passing slowly
  • Negative framing
  • The connection between SERIAL and THE NIGHT OF
  • Alexa with Summicron lenses
  • Purposeful camera moves
  • Shooting out of focus
  • The pitfalls of taking jobs you are not passionate about
  • Working with Robert Elswit
  • and much much more!



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5 comments on The Cinematography of The Night Of (with Igor Martinovic)

  1. James says:

    Fred Elmes is one of the best (though sometimes unrecognized) American cinematographers of the late 20th century. Blue Velvet, Night on Earth, etc. Love the podcast, it is truly a great and vital resource, but I shuddered at the question of whether he was “one of the operators”.

    1. Ben Consoli says:

      haha. i know right… everyone messes up sometimes.. but thanks for listening anyway.

  2. Ellie Ness says:

    Do you happen to have a transcript of the interview with Igor Martinovic? I would like to use it with high school Media students in the UK.

    1. Ben Consoli says:

      Unfortunately no, we don’t have a transcript. Maybe there is a service online that can do it for you with the audio. I’m not sure, but thanks so much for listening.

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