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The Cinematography of The People V. OJ Simpson American Crime Story (with Nelson Cragg)

Nelson Cragg, cinematographer of American Crime Story:The People Vs. OJ Simpson is my guest. We discuss all the behind the scenes secrets to one of the most talked about TV series of our time plus his experience shooting Homeland.

You Will Learn:

  • The hit TV shows of Ryan Murphy
  • What inspired the look of the show
  • Shooting in the real Kardashian house
  • Building replica locations
  • The secrets behind the infamous Bronco chase
  • Nelsons luxury “video village”
  • Shooting on Arri Alexa
  • Single shot scenes are a bold decision
  • Balancing ego’s and working with A-list talent
  • Why John Travolta was nervous about doing a TV show
  • Shooting Homeland and working with Claire Danes/span>
  • Directing for American Horror Story/span>
  • and much more!



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2 comments on The Cinematography of The People V. OJ Simpson American Crime Story (with Nelson Cragg)

  1. It seems that in this age of Trump it’s all about race-baiting. I saw OJ as an athlete and celebrity not a ‘black guy.’ And he was a wise man not to see himself as a ‘race’ but as an talented individual.

    It’s interesting in contrast to today where everyone seems to want to be subdivided into a group. Or we are forced into that by WaPo and the media talking about ‘white people,’ LGBT, etc. etc.

    I blame some of that on Obama who relished being called ‘Black’ and didn’t hesitate to infuse himself into race politics. It has had a polarizing effect on this country.

  2. Hey, thank you for the amazing post! I might add a link to this article on my website.

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