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The Slow TV Movement (with Thomas Hellum)

Today we explore the Slow TV movement with Thomas Hellum, one of the driving forces behind this Norwegian Television Phenomenon that is changing the way video content is shot, distributed and watched.

You Will Learn:

  • What is Slow TV
  • How social media responded
  • Making the transition to live television
  • The most challenging and rewarding Slow TV specials
  • Bergensbanen minute by minute – train journey across Southern Norway
  • How did a 24 hour knitting competition change the way people watch competitive TV
  • Is there a shift towards longer video content online?
  • What’s next for Slow TV
  • and much much more!



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One comment on “The Slow TV Movement (with Thomas Hellum)

  1. Breda says:


    Your programme on the migration of the reindeer is stunning, captures the timelessness of the journey, felt i was part of it. Loved the fact there was more silence than talk so when there were snatches of conversation, it was great.
    Thank you

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