The Stop Motion Cinematography of Anomalisa (with Joe Passarelli) GCS085

Joe Passarelli cinematographer of Anomalisa


Today’s guest is Joe Passarelli, the Cinematographer behind the lens of the stop motion masterpiece, Anomolisa. Joe and I discuss the challenges of shooting stop motion, lighting miniature sets, and the patience needed to pull it off.

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Spotlight: Joe Passarelli

Joe Passarelli is the Cinematographer of the stop motion masterpiece and academy award nominee Anomalisa. Joe and I discuss the challenges and rewards of shooting stop motion, his camera and lighting choices, working with miniature sets, and the patience needed to pull it all off. We also discuss the humble beginnings of Anomalisa and how kickstarter brought it to life. Esquire magazine raves about Anomalisa as “The most human movie of the year. And it doesn’t star a single human.” I couldn’t agree more.

  • The humble beginnings of Anomolisa and the power of Kickstarter
  • The challenges and rewards of stop motion animation
  • Using home made Gemballs to light miniature sets
  • The miniature practical lighting and how it transformed the set
  • Eye lights for puppets and the reflective nature of fabrics
  • Working on 18 sets at the same time
  • What is replacement animation and how is it different from traditional
  • Why he chose to shoot on Canon 7D and Nikon lenses
  • Behind the scenes stories of the most challenging scenes
  • Creating motion blur in stop motion
  • Why the now infamous sex scene took over 6 months to animate
  • Using animatics to keep order the structure
  • Shooting 24-48 frames a day at most
  • and much more!



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