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The White Lotus Cinematography (with Ben Kutchins)

THE WHITE LOTUS features incredible voyeuristic-style cinematography that constantly keeps you on edge. Director of photography Ben Kutchins explains his unique visual approach and the difficulty of filming in an actual hotel.

Ben and Go Creative Show host, Ben Consoli, discuss the juxtaposition between the warm color palette and plot, filming with as much natural light as possible, constantly rolling with the punches on set,  and much more!

What you will learn in this episode:

  • The crazy writing of THE WHITE LOTUS (01:39)
  • Not having firm rules in cinematography (01:42)
  • Achieving voyeuristic cinematography (08:03)
  • Embarrassment through cinematography tricks (13:19)
  • Warm color palette of THE WHITE LOTUS (17:43)
  • Masterclass in covering dialogue scenes (22:06)
  • Shooting with Super Baltar and Cooke lenses (32:27)
  • Primarily using natural lighting (35:13)
  • Logistics of filming in an actual hotel (41:17)
  • Filming the water and boat scenes (48:32)
  • Not worrying about realism with sunlight (52:07)
  • Having to roll with the punches on set (57:06)
  • Filming Paul McCartney’s latest music video (01:02:21)
  • And more!

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