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Ozark Season 3 Cinematography (with Ben Kutchins)

Go behind the scenes and learn about the cinematography of Netflix’s hit series Ozark season 3 with director of photography Ben Kutchins.

Ben Kutchins and Go Creative Show host, Ben Consoli, discuss how the series has evolved visually, shooting on the large format Sony Venice camera, overcoming shooting challenges, and more!

What you will learn in this episode:

  • How Ozark has evolved visually (03:09)
  • Shooting on the Sony Venice (07:08)
  • Benefits of shooting on a large format camera (11:55)
  • Visual approach to the Missouri Belle casino (19:10)
  • Challenges of filming with slot machine lighting (24:16)
  • Challenges of shooting on water (26:38)
  • Lighting and filming Omar Navarro’s home (31:42)
  • Why season 3 may have a different look (35:05)
  • Using Astera LED light tubes (37:27)
  • Blocking and camera movement (41:59)
  • The challenges of filming daylight exteriors (49:00)
  • The lenses of Ozark (53:20)
  • And more!
Check out the video version of this interview

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2 comments on Ozark Season 3 Cinematography (with Ben Kutchins)

  1. Tony Conlan says:

    ozark cinematography is absolutely the worst i have never seen. Trying to watch in 4k Ultra HD and I literally cannot see a thing. It’s not the set up as i can switch to other content on netflix and blown away.

    An absolute joke and don’t even go there with that dark luck, simply no idea what he was doing and has been found out so making up excuses.

    An absolute disaster of cinematography now trying to be dressed up as art. FAIL

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