Vashi Visuals (With Film Editor, Vashi Nedomansky)

Today we explore Post Production with Film editor, Vashi Nedomansky. We discuss the post production industry, editing comedy, commercial vs film work + tips and tricks to help enhance your editing workflows.

You Will Learn:

  • Editing Comedy
  • Behind the scenes lessons and stories
  • Why the VashiVisuals blog is a must-read
  • Simple tips that will make YOU a better editor
  • Vashi’s essential software and hardware
  • Commercials vs. film vs. documentary
  • Working with directors
  • Vashi breaksdown his editing workstation
  • And much more.



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PremiumBeat – Exclusive Royalty-Free Music and Sound

NewsShooter – Making the real world look as good as cinema

The Song of the Week

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