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Video Static (With Steven Gottlieb)

This episode is a celebration of the Music Video artform! I’m joined by Steven Gottlieb, founder of VideoStatic.com A website dedicated to music videos and their creative community. We talk about the current state of the music video industry, the upcoming MTV Video Music Awards and how you can become a better music video director or producer.

Spotlight: VideoStatic.com and the Music Video Industry

  • Interview with Stephen Gottlieb, founder of VideoStatic.com
  • The current state of the Music Video industry
  • The upcoming MTV Video Music Awards
  • How to distribute your music video
  • Do Phil Collins’ videos kick ass?
  • Why “Black Velvet” video makes Ben think of corn-dogs
  • Why older videos are still relevant
  • How to submit your video to VideoStatic.com
  • Jay Z’s Picasso Baby by Mark Romanek
  • How does Vine and Instagram help promote music videos
  • How to build your music video career
  • And much more.



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  1. 5ERG says:

    This was an EXCELLENT podcast with so much GREAT information. Thanks for putting this out for music video people… looking forward to more on the subject!

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