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Coyote Peterson and the Bites and Stings of Brave Wilderness (with Coyote Peterson and Mark Laivins)

Coyote Peterson and Mark Laivins are the brains and personalities behind the massively successful nature shows on the Brave Wilderness YouTube channel. But there’s much more than just bites and stings and we talk all about it.

You Will Learn:

  • How Brave Wilderness started with a love of filmmaking
  • Working with the Discovery Channel
  • How the attention span for online videos is getting longer
  • What is clickbait and why Brave Wilderness is not
  • Balancing education and entertainment
  • Life after a viral video
  • The lighting and camera choices for wildlife production
  • Where the Brave Wilderness brand is headed
  • Could this lead to a full length feature documentary?
  • Why an entertainment attorney is the most important person on your team
  • Coyote Peterson on Conan O’Brian
  • and much much more!



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