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Drone Zone (with Paul Antico, Jos Stiglingh and More)

Today we are covering Drone videography from all sides with four fantastic guests starting with Jos Stiglingh the creator of the mega-viral video “Fireworks filmed with a drone”. Then we are joined by two lawyers, Matt Saunders, a copyright attorney who discusses the legality of drones and the copyright issues that go with it and Jonathan Rupprecht, an attorney, commercial pilot and unmanned aircraft consultant that discusses the current FAA regulations. And finally, we invite Paul Antico, film maker and drone enthusiast, to talk about how he captures, grades and edits footage shot with a Go Pro and the DJI Phantom.

You Will Learn:

  • Is it legal to shoot video with your drone?
  • Who owns the footage that you shoot
  • Safety tips for flying drones
  • Proper shooting techniques
  • What equipment should you buy for a successful drone flight
  • Fixing common visual problems
  • Can you sell your drone footage?
  • Thoughts on the future of drone videography
  • And more…



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