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Mastering The Production and Filmmaking Business (With Paul Xavier)

Learn how to master the production and filmmaking business with Paul Xavier, founder of the Next Level Creator’s Program. Paul and Go Creative Show host Ben Consoli, discuss the challenges of growing a production business, making money with filmmaking, promoting yourself and your work, getting new clients, and so much more!

What you will learn in this episode

  • How to make money in the production business
  • Driving more traffic to your business
  • Identifying and landing new clients
  • Why a great video and an effective video may be different
  • How to promote your video production company or services
  • Balancing finding clients and doing the work for them
  • The value of retainer clients
  • Following the lead of Sandwich Video
  • Creating your filmmaking brand
  • And much more.



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10 comments on Mastering The Production and Filmmaking Business (With Paul Xavier)

  1. Paul Xavier says:

    Thanks again for having me on the podcast Ben!

    If anyone who listens to the podcast would like more information on how to get to the next level in their production company or filmmaking career feel free to shoot me a message over at mrpaulxavier.com

    Also – if you’d like me back on the gocreativeshow let us know in the comments what you’d want me to talk about with Ben next time!

    1. Kristy says:

      Awesome Show! I think if you could dive more into distribution. That would be very helpful!

      1. Ben Consoli says:

        Thanks for listening. I agree.. perhaps we do an episode solely on distribution? Thanks for the comment.

  2. Isaac Regalado says:

    Thanks so much. This was a confidence builder…

    1. Paul Xavier says:

      Glad you enjoyed the conversation Isaac

  3. syed omar saroosh says:

    Great podcast , learnt a tone about being realistic with video production clients. Where can i apply for the one hour training?

    1. Paul Xavier says:

      Hey Syed – you can email our support staff and we’ll send you over our scheduler here:

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