NAB News 2016 (with Matt Allard from News Shooter)

Matt Allard from joins us to discuss all the hottest news from NAB 2016.

You Will Learn:



Kessler – Innovative Tools for Filmmaking

Rule Boston Camera – Buy. Rent. Create.

PremiumBeat – Premium Royalty-Free Music and Sound

NewsShooter – Making the real world look as good as cinema

Shutterstock – Premium Footage and Images

The Song of the Week

2 comments on NAB News 2016 (with Matt Allard from News Shooter)

  1. Hey Ben,
    Attended the Zack Zamboni interview at Rule last night. Terrific! [I asked the question regarding support for the host when he wasn’t 100%, after all everything pivots on Bourdain and/or his POV in that show.] This morning I started listening to your podcasts. What a great resource! My company, Media Electric Inc. in Arlington, started in 2002, is going through some transitions (aren’t we all!). Listening to the podcast on starting and growing a production business made feel a lot less alone in figuring where to go next.
    Thank you!

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