Sci-fi and action cinematography (with Devs and Mission Impossible DP Rob Hardy BSC)

Learn what it takes to shoot incredible sci-fi and action films with Devs, Annihilation, and Mission Impossible: Fallout cinematographer Rob Hardy BSC

Rob and Go Creative Show host, Ben Consoli, discuss the unique visual and lighting approach of Devs, working with director Alex Garland, shooting and lighting VFX shots in Annihilation, the incredible sky diving sequence in Mission Impossible: Fallout, and so much more!

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Rob’s career after Ex Machina (03:28)
  • Collaborating with the production designer on Devs (09:42)
  • The unique way of lighting the cube set (11:57)
  • Why Rob and Alex Garland don’t reference other films (20:16)
  • Lighting philosophy of Devs (24:55)
  • Camera and lens tests and shooting on Sony Venice (36:00)
  • Resuming production after COVID-19 (43:47)
  • Rob’s love for shooting anamorphic (47:30)
  • The long take style of Devs (51:01)
  • Lighting outdoor scenes of Annihilation (52:50)
  • Shooting VFX heavy shots (56:38)
  • Filming stunt shots on Mission Impossible Fallout (59:34)
  • Filming the skydiving scene in Mission Impossible Fallout (01:12:42)
  • And more!

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