Productive Fitness (with Zack Arnold and Matt Allard) GCS035

Today we talk about staying fit in the production industry. Lets face it, many of us are behind a desk for most of the day but thankfully film editor Zack Arnold created to help all of us live a healthier life, and he’s on the show today. Plus Matt Allard from joins us to talk about the news from Broadcast Asia and how the controversial Sony A7S is the new Low-Light King!

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Podcasting 101 (With Daniel J. Lewis) GCS023

Today we speak with Daniel J. Lewis award winning entrepreneur, podcaster and consultant who has made a career teaching people how to produce, distribute and monetize their own podcasts. Consider today’s episode a FREE consultation with one of the best podcast consultants in the world. Plus Dan Chung from announces pricing and pre-order information for the new Arri Amira.

The Go Creative Show is supported by Kessler (, Rule Boston Camera (,
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Weekly Update

  • MoVI Demo at Rule on Feb 26 more info at
  • Ben will do a FCPX 10.1 demo on a new MacPro at the upcoming BOSCPUG event on February 25. Visit for more/span>
  • Sony removes “NEX” from their lenses, confused? Read this
  • Make fake guns look real for less than $10. Simple easy and effective props.
  • Dan Chung joins us to talk about the price and pre-order announcement for the Arri Amira

The Song of the Week

  • Listen to this week’s full track here: Lucky Strike By Reaktor Productions

Spotlight: Daniel J. Lewis, Podcast Consultant and Internet Entrepreneur

Daniel J. Lewis is an award-winning podcaster and entrepreneur who has made a successful career helping others launch and improve their own podcasts. Daniel has created training resources and podcasting tools, offers one-on-one consulting, designs websites and speaks at seminars geared toward helping others make their podcasts amazing. We cover everything from how to name your podcast, how frequently should you produce a podcast, how to distribute via iTunes and Sticher and how to make money with your podcast. Daniel also hosts a network of award winning shows covering everything from how to podcast (The Audacity to Podcast), clean comedy and even a show dedicated to ABC’s hit drama “once upon a time” And most importantly of course.. Daniel was my consultant while launching Go Creative Show.

People around the world pay to have access to Daniels techniques and training but today you all get him for FREE.

  • Daniel’s podcast network
  • How to properly name your podcast
  • How often should you podcast
  • How to make money from your podcast
  • Tips for recording great audio
  • Compression techniques
  • How to get your podcast on iTunes, Stitcher and more
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for donations
  • And much more.



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