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The Science of Storytelling (with Derek Thompson) GCS114

Derek Thompson is the author of Hit Makers: The Science of Popularity in an Age of Distraction and together, we break down the patterns in popular music, tv, and movies to discover the science of storytelling.

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Spotlight: Derek Thompson

Derek Thompson is a senior editor at The Atlantic magazine and author of Hit Makers: The Science of Popularity in an Age of Distraction. Derek and I discuss the trends in popular music, television shows, and films and explore the science of storytelling and hit making. Is there a formula to good storytelling? Why do people say they want new, but really want familiar? We tackle all this and more. Plus, how to use popular storytelling techniques to create better proposals and more effective pitches, to help get your projects sold.

  • How familiarity beats originality
  • Why distribution beats content
  • Why storytelling genius is a new twist on a familiar idea
  • How Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist was more popular with old music
  • How Rock Around The Clock was a failure before it was a hit
  • How the Justin Bieber sound has created countless pop hits
  • The myth of online influencers
  • Breaking down the horror genre
  • The familiar chord structures behind hit pop songs
  • The art of Smart-Stealing
  • Change the way you pitch ideas to clients by speaking their language
  • and much much more!



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