Mobile Filmmaking (with Neill Barham and Chris Demiris)

The next evolution in filmmaking is here, and itโ€™s on your phone. Listen as our guests Neill Barhamย CEO of Filmic Pro and Chris Demirisย co-founder of Luma Touch join Go Creative Show host Ben Consoli to share tips that will prepare you for the mobile filmmaking revolution.ย 

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Tangerine and the iPhone Feature Film (with Chris Bergoch) GCS071

Today we speak with Chris Bergoch, co-writer and co-producer of the film Tangerine, distributed through Magnolia films and shot entirely on the iPhone.

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Spotlight: Chris Bergoch

Chris Bergoch and Sean Baker have been creative partners for years, each working on films, television shows and more. Their latest collaboration, Tangerine, has enjoyed incredible success, premiering at Sundance, being distributed by Magnolia films and most important, being loved by audiences around the world. Today we invite Chris Bergoch, co-writer and co-producer of Tangerine to discuss his writing process, securing funding, working with first time actors and the bold choice to shoot Tangerine entirely on an iPhone. We discuss the challenges and benefits of shooting on iPhone and how to get maximum production quality with a minimum budget.

  • Making a film about transgender sex workers
  • Why Donut Time in LA was the best location for this film
  • The story of a broken heart resonates with a larger audience
  • How they made the decision to shoot with iPhone
  • Microbudget films
  • Lighting for iPhone
  • How watching your film with an audience gives you a different perspective
  • Why the sub-par low-light capabilities of the iPhone worked for the look
  • The apps and gear needed to make an iPhone a cinema quality camera
  • and more…



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