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The Cinematography of Everest (with Salvatore Totino, Director of Photography)

Today we explore the daring and immersive cinematography of “Everest” with Director of Photography Salvatore Totino. We discuss the challenges of shooting at 10,000 feet in 22 below zero temperatures, and how his previous films prepared him for this epic adventure.

You Will Learn:

  • How Salvatore technically, physically, and mentally prepared for “Everest”
  • The challenges of shooting at 22 below zero.
  • Shooting on Arri Alexa XT and how it held up in extreme conditions
  • Using Flowbank lights and Soft Suns
  • Why Drake’s James Turrell inspired music video for “Hotline Bling” is Salvatore’s favorite new video
  • What can we expect from Salvatore’s forthcoming film “Concussion” starring Will Smith. How is it inspired by “The Insider”
  • 2D vs 3D, which does Salvatore prefer and why?
  • How shooting music videos can often be more creative and freeing than films and commercials
  • How Salvatores first film “any given sunday” prepared him for Everest
    working with director Oliver Stone
  • and more…



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  1. Nice image very cool Thanks for sharing

  2. great podcast! I enjoyed it big time! Salvatore besides being an extremely talented individual sounds like he is very personable as well! Thanks!

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