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Breaking Bad Breakdown (with Michael Slovis, Director of Photography)

AMC’s Breaking Bad may be in its final season, but its Director of Photography Michael Slovis shows no signs of slowing down. The Emmy Award winning cinematographer and director shares his experience and insight from work in countless tv shows and movies plus we dive deep into his genius and groundbreaking visual direction in “Breaking Bad”. Spoiler alert… there are no spoilers!

We discuss how “Breaking Bad” became an instant classic, Michael’s decision to shoot on film, the difference between directing photography and directing actors, his involvement in post production, the hidden visual effects of Breaking Bad, lighting techniques and more. Aside from “Breaking Bad” Michael talks about his Emmy Award winning cinematography for CSI : Crime Scene Investigation, his work on countless television shows and movies and his upcoming projects.

You Will Learn:

  • Michael originally said NO to Breaking Bad
  • Creating the film look by using… FILM!
  • Keeping a consistant look while working with multiple directors
  • The hidden visual effects of Breaking Bad
  • Why they “burn-in” the color
  • The difference between being a DP and director
  • Collaboration with post production
  • Michael plays the fiddle?!? Who knew!
  • And much more.



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2 comments on Breaking Bad Breakdown (with Michael Slovis, Director of Photography)

  1. Maria Della Croce says:

    Brilliant interview with Michael Slovis!! Absolutely fascinating. Keep bringing these high-level guests to us with their insider perspective that not only entertains, but conveys invaluable insight into the work being done on today’s top-tier American television shows.

  2. Jon Connor says:

    Even if I wasn’t a die hard fan of Breaking Bad I’d still have to say you knocked this episode out of the park. Michael Slovis was amazing and the questions were great!

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