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The Cinematography of Parts Unknown (with Zach Zamboni) GCS091

Zach Zamboni on Go Creative Show


Zach Zamboni is the brilliant and visionary cinematographer for Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown and he’s with us today to share his experiences shooting around the world. This episode of Go Creative Show was recorded in front of a live audience at Rule Boston Camera. Click here to watch the video of the interview.

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The Song of the Week

Spotlight: Zach Zamboni

Zach Zamboni is not only the brilliant cinematographer behind the lens of Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown, he is also a student of Philosophy and his visuals are informed by his deep appreciation for the human spirit. Zach has shot all over the world in often extreme conditions and has become expert in blending his cinematic looks with the unpredictability of non-fiction. This is not just a discussion about cameras, lensing, and lighting, it’s a discussion on the philosophies of cinematography and how Zach is changing the way that television is produced.

  • Staying inspired and keeping it fresh
  • The secrets behind Zach’s favorite episodes
  • Zach’s shooting and lighting philosophy
  • How to inspire a creative process that changes week to week
  • The equipment needed for easy travel around the world
  • Stories from some of the most interesting places on earth
  • Working with Anthony Bourdain
  • and much more!


Go Creative Show Live Podcast with DP Zach Zamboni on 5.12.16 from Rule Boston Camera on Vimeo.


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