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The Cinematic Violence of IT Chapter 2 (with Checco Varese)

Today we welcome the cinematographer of IT Chapter 2Checco Varese. Checco shares his cinematography and lighting techniques that made Pennywise both horrifying and engaging, how he lights for the darkness, the digital de-aging process, how he brings authenticity to violent scenes and so much more.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Checco’s thoughts on 4K and tech
  • What IT Chapter 2 was shot on
  • Getting involved in IT Chapter 2
  • How they de-aged the child actors for the flashback scenes
  • Creating the seamless transitions between scenes
  • Checco’s lighting approach for IT Chapter 2
  • How Checco used 300 light panels in a scene
  • The most challenging scene to film in IT Chapter 2
  • How Checco approached filming differently for IT Chapter 2
  • How Checco filmed the hallucinogen effect in-camera
  • Checco’s approach for lighting for the dark
  • Filming the opening scene of IT Chapter 2
  • Creating authentic cinematic violence
  • And more!

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