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The Plot Against America Cinematography (with Martin Ahlgren)

Learn how the golden age of photojournalism inspired the cinematography for the Emmy-Nominated “The Plot Against America” with director of photography Martin Alghren

Martin and Go Creative Show host, Ben Consoli, discuss his use of deep focus to create a believable alternative history, and  the perfect camera/lens combination to achieve the unique look. Plus the challenges of filming car scenes, changing camera movement throughout the series, shooting day for night, and more!

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Visually creating an alternative history piece (02:56)
  • Having a period piece not feel sentimental (11:12)
  • Choosing the perfect camera and lens pair for deep focus (13:06)
  • Shooting with deep focus (18:42)
  • Accommodations for lighting a period piece (29:45)
  • Building practical backgrounds on set (34:56)
  • Challenges of filming car scenes (37:51)
  • Changing camera movement throughout the series (44:37)
  • Martins approach to using a LUT (46:30)
  • Shooting Day for Night (50:09)
  • Martin’s most challenging scene to film (56:15)
  • And more!

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