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Production Design for Game Shows (with James Pearse Connelly)

James Pearse Connelly is the Emmy award nominated production designer who’s created the sets for some of today’s biggest TV shows including The Voice, Top Chef, and Bill Nye Saves The World. James and Go Creative Show host Ben Consoli, discuss how these award winning set designs are created, where the inspiration comes from, and the challenges faced during the process.

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Film Production Design (with Hannah Beachler) GCS106

Hannah Beacher Production Designer on Go Creative Show


Hannah Beachler is the production designer behind some of today’s hottest films including CREED, MOONLIGHT, and the upcoming BLACK PANTHER and she’s on the show to discuss her career in film and the role of a production designer.

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Spotlight: Hannah Beachler

Hannah Beachler is a prolific production designer with an affinity for realistic design that emphasizes emotional drama. Over the past few years, Hannah’s designed some of the hottest films like, Miles Ahead, Creed, Moonlight, Beyonce’s Lemonade, and the much anticipated upcoming film Black Panther. Hannah and I discuss the role of a production designer, how she collaborates with the camera department, working with director Ryan Coogler and how she finds inspiration for each of her films.

  • What is a production designer and what do they do
  • Why does the production design one of the first members of the crew
  • Working with Ryan Coogler
  • How to approach a period piece, and her work on “Miles Ahead”
  • What inspired the design of Miles Davis’s home
  • Is New Orleans the next Hollywood?
  • The production design of “Creed” and the “Rocky” easter eggs
  • An inside look at the production design of the upcoming Black Panther
  • Working on Beyonce’s Lemonade
  • Working on Moonlight and the power of the story
  • and much much more!



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